Living a Life of Worship!

​​Worship is one of those words that many people often misunderstand. It is a staple of the Christian lexicon and is strongly viewed as a "church" or "churchy" word. The reality is that we all worship. Everyone has something that excites them or causes them to exude a strong desire to celebrate. In fact, worship is a celebration or an act of recognition or rejoicing of someone or something. 

As a follower of Christ or even a new believer, it is essential and absolutely vital that you continue to worship. The person that deserves true worship is the creator of the universe...The one who created the sun, moon, stars, animals, nature and humanity. His name is JESUS. He deserves all the honor, glory and yes our worship more than anyone or anything.  

Worship is not an event or simply an experience; it is genuinely a lifestyle. It is a commitment to remain focus and celebrate daily what Christ has done for you. It is a response of obedience to him and a celebration of him daily with your words and action. Worship is not something that only happens once a week in a church building with a music band and group of singers who are gathered. It is a 24 hour and 7 days a week commitment. It's what happens at work, at the store, in the gym or even at home. 

For example, our pastor and his wife have made a covenant with God and have consecrated their home as a home of faith, prayer and worship. They have decided to model for their children, family, church community and beyond. Like Joshua and his house they have decided to serve the Lord wholeheartedly. We want to offer you this great opportunity too. 

We encourage you today to commit yourself to worship. Whether it be at a bible study, a time of prayer, our one of our celebration services or even your personal devotional or journal. Your time of worship is something that will deepen and strengthen your relationship with Jesus as you seek to live and walk for him. We encourage you explore living a life of true worship. We would be delighted to help you in this journey. 

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Living a Life of Worship

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