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Consider Making a Donation to help with Hurricane Relief in St. Croix

​​​Construction Materials Relief Supplies List


If you prefer to send a check, please make it payable to "HIS Harvest" with "Hurricane Relief St. Croix" on the memo line.  

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HIS Harvest

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​​We are delighted you are interested in providing Hurricane Relief!

“ All donations received for Hurricane Maria relief for St. Croix will be used to purchase basic essential items for families, local community church and people within the surrounding community. His Harvest is working closely with, Fredericksted Assembly of God church (a local community church) to serve as the emergency distribution site for items collected during the drive.

 His Harvest is 501 (c) 3 non-profit that functions with a dual focus as a dynamic church and charitable organization that is committed to connecting hearts to Jesus. We are called to reach children, youth and families as we share, teach and model the love and grace of Jesus to all people.” 

On September 20, 2017 Hurricane Maria ferociously battered the beautiful Island of St. Croix. This massive category five hurricane destroyed many homes, left the Island's hospital breached, and the residents without electricity. Many are still without power and the Island has a major recovery that lies ahead. There are other major basic challenges too for local citizens which include food, shelter, healthcare and access to prescription medicine. Some schools are being used for shelters and others have sustained significant roofing damage. The conditions are extremely challenging at best. Both Jason and Verna's parents, family members and friends have been deeply affected. 

In response, HIS Harvest is reaching out to the public, faith-based communities,family, friends and colleagues to consider providing much needed help to the Island of St. Croix during this dire emergency. We are accepting monetary donations as well as emergency supplies and construction materials. See below the list of both emergency and construction materials. Thank you in advance for your commitment towards this initiative. 

  Extension Cords

​  Surge Protectors

  Flash lights 



  Electric Generators


  Safety Glasses

  Work Gloves

​  Chainsaws


​​​​Emergency Relief Supplies List



                 Bottled Water                      Hand Sanitizer                  Garbage Bags                                                                 Canned Milk                         Baby Wipes                       Baby and Adult Pain Relief Medicine

                 Canned Foods                       Baby Formula                   Stomach and Diarrhea Relief Medicine                       Dry Foods                              Diapers                             Mosquito Repellant

                 Towels                                   Laundry Detergents        Cots

                 Blankets and Pillows            Dish Soap                         First-Aid Kits                                                          

​​HIS Harvest's Commitment to Hurricane Relief to the Island of St. Croix!


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